Families and Workshops

Self-Catering, incl. Group Room, Kitchen und Bathrooms in the Apartments


Per Person (starting at age 3) and Night

29 €

Cleaning Fee

Depending on group size

130 €

Same-day Visitors

Per Person (starting at age 3)

15 €

Heating Fee

Per Person (starting at age 3) (15th of September until 15th of May)

about 6 €

Bedclothes and Towels

One-time per Person

8 €


One-time per Dog

15 €

Early Arrival and/or late Departure

One-time Per Person (starting at age 3) (Arrival before 15:00 and/or Departure after 14:00)

15 €


Prices include own kitchen and bath, of course also TV and fast Wifi. We supply bedclothes and one large towel.

Single/Double Rooms

Per Night

25 €

Triple/Four Bed Rooms

Per Person and night

20 €

Explanation of Prices

Cleaning Fee: Cleaning fee is about 15€ per room. Read up on what it means in detail in our  House Rules.

Same-day Visitors: Same-day Visitors pay 15€ per day. Same-day Visitors are guests who stay only during the day and not overnight.

Heating Fee: From the 15th of September until the 15th of May, guests must pay a Heating fee. This fee depends on the number of persons. If it is warm enough, we can agree to turn off the heating and reimburse the heating fee.

Bedclothes and Towels: You bring your own Bedclothes and towels. If that is not possible, we have nice bedclothes and towels to rent for one-time 8€.

Dogs: We love dogs. Bringing a dog adds a one-time charge of 15€.

Early Arrival and/or late Departure: If arriving before 15:00 (3pm) and/or leaving after 14:00 (2pm), we charge 15€ pro Person. If arriving early and leaving late, the fee is only 15€, not doubled.

Any other costs, like Wifi, Electricity and Water, are included.