Rules of the house

Arrival and Departure

1. On arrival, if we are not present to welcome you, please call us or send us a text message, so we know you have found everything: +49 (0)163-8693489 (Julian Goletzka)

2. If you bring your own bedclothes, or have rented sets of bedclothes, please put them on the beds. The beds look made, but this is just a protective cover. On departure, please remove the bedclothes again. Please do not mix bedclothes with wet towels.

3. On departure, please make sure all windows are closed, the heating is turned off and all apartment doors are locked. Please switch off any electrical devices, like coffee machines or water boilers. Please put the keys into the mailbox next to the main entrance door.

4. On departure, please make sure any furniture that you moved is back in the place where it was on your arrival, especially baby beds and furniture from other apartments.

5. Cleaning. The cleaning fee does not include the washing of dishes, cleaning of the barbecue grill and garden furniture, emptying of trash bins and the disposal of glass and returnable bottles. You are expected to leave the apartment clean-swept (you can find vacuums in the staircase on each floor). Please also remove sticky stains and crumbs, especially in the kitchen and dining areas.

Your Stay

6. Because we like a good relation with our neighbours, we ask you to leave the windows closed and be quiet on the balconies after 22:00 (10 p.m.). Inside of the house is more than enough space to celebrate. We also ask you to be aware of not disturbing the neighbours in the garden after 22:00 (10 p.m.).

7. Also, because we like a good relation with out neighbours, we ask you not to consume overly much alcohol, play loud music or shout in the garden. Our neighbours are very friendly and will always first come to you to ask you to be more respectful. Please treat our neighbours friendly and with respect and take their concerns seriously. Fines for disturbance of peace will be directed at you, the tenant.

8. Please do not smoke inside of the house. We try to keep our house fresh for future tenants. Please smoke, if necessary, on the balconies or in the garden and dispose of the ashes and cigarette stubs in ash-trays or the trash bin.

9. Please do not heat the rooms while the windows are open. Help us save water and fossil fuels and try not to use electricity unnecessarily.

10. Please separate the waste. There are stickers on the trash bins to guide you on what goes in which trash bin. Collect glass bottles and dispose of them on your way back to the autobahn. Glass recycling containers are found right of the road out of town. Please also do not leave returnable bottles for us. If you have no means to dispose of glass or returnable bottles, please contact us.


11. You are responsible for what happens during your stay in our house. Please lock the doors when you leave the house and always lock your apartments and the main entrance door. We do not take responsibility for break-ins or theft.

12. Please watch your kids closely and make sure they behave according to the house rules. Also, please make sure they do not come to harm in the house or in the garden. We do not take responsibility.

13. All our guests are trying not to damage or misplace anything in the house. Even so, things can break or go missing. Please tell us at once, or latest on departure, if there was any damage. In this way, we can repair or replace the items and the next guests will have a complete and orderly stay.

14. You are held accountable for any and all damages, you are responsible for. Of course, small things like a broken plate will not be charged.

15. By booking, either directly through a contract or a website like airbnb, you confirm you have read these Rules of the house and agree to them.

Cancellation Conditions

If you book directly with us, we apply the following Cancellation Conditions. Please note, that if you book our house through airbnb, there are different Cancellation Conditions, as defined by airbnb. The following is a loose translation of a passage in our contract (the german text is used for any legal actions):

The tenant may withdraw from the contract. In such a case, the landlord can charge a recompense, as follows:

Withdrawal until 45 days before date of arrival 20 % of total sum

Withdrawal 44 days until 33 days before date of arrival 30 % of total sum

Withdrawal 32 days until 22 days before date of arrival 60 % of total sum

Withdrawal 21 days until 12 days before date of arrival 80 % of total sum

Withdrawal 11 days until the date of the arrival 90 % of total sum

Addition because of the COVID-19 pandemic: We always adhere to the local laws. We assess the situation and keep to the current legal regulations. This may, but does not have to, mean, we could cancel without any recompense. We hope you understand, that we need to adhere to the letter of the law in this difficult time.


We manage the exact allocation of the apartments and rooms beforehand. We like to come up to your expectations in how many rooms you would like too book.

Depending on group size, there may be another group in the house during your stay. Of course, you will not have to share any rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. You would only meet in the staircase. All apartments are separate and only used by you. You can imagine our house like a hotel, with closed units. We have hosted many parallel groups, and we never had any complaints.

On the ground floor we have two apartments we like to reserve for long-term guests.